What kind of hair extensions should be selected

   Many hair extensions users are often confused about what kind of hair extensions should be selected.Actually,it depends on the look you want to achieve and different characteristics of hair category.

   Let’s talk about Indian hair extensions first.Indian hair is generally wavy and plentiful but not too heavy.The reason why it’s the best choice for you to wear is that the wavy and straight hair will both looks accomplished with this hair type.

   Compared to Indian hair,Brazilian hair is heavier in density.That means you don’t need to use many bundles to finish a full look. In addition,Brazilian hair is extremely versatile,it comes in straight,curly or even wavy.

   As for Malaysian,Chinese and European hair, there is no much difference among them.European and Asian hair are commonly lustrous and straighter than Indian and Brazilian hair,also ligther in density.if you plan to have find hair extensions that will blench well,these hair types are good option.

  Now,you have better understangding of this,if you want to own a thick,full appearance or perhaps you want to pull off a weave that is going to hold a wave or curl,go with the Indian or Brazilian hair.Choose the Malaysian or European hair if you like a smoother,straighter appearance.