The word “virgin” refers to something that is pure and untouched. When added to the word “hair” it simply refers to hair that has not been touched or marred by any sort of hair product or experiment and has not been tortured by any sort of equipment.

Virgin hair is free from all sorts of chemicals, be it hair dye or serums, and is also devoid of any straightening procedures or any other done using heat or chemical. It is hair that has never undergone any kind of alteration except a haircut and is usually obtained from young women, due to the absence of split ends and grey hair. It is known in the market as high-quality hair and is popular due to its longevity and feature of being adjusted according to the needs of the buyer, be it the texture, the color or even the size.

In simpler words, virgin hair is the best kind of hair for extensions but it is still too broad a term to rely on.

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