The best way for good looking and voluminous hair looks is to go with the natural therapy rather than the chemicals.

To overcome the frizzy look, do oiling your hairs at least once a week. You can choose coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil.

To give a straight look in your hairstyle, add a cup of milk in a spray bottle and spray to your hairs, leave them open and wash it after half an hour.

Include Indian gooseberry ie. Amla can be mixed with coconut oil. Use it as a regular massage oil. It will improve the hair texture and hence hair quality can be improved.

Aloe Vera gel contains a variety of antioxidants and when applied to hair, brings enormous shine, reduces hair fall and also helps to remove tangles.

Eggs are very rich in protein and can be used as a mask for hair growth and for long voluminous hair. A cup of curd beaten with 2 eggs, put it on hairs for 30 mins and then wash with warm water.