Tips for maintaining braids and twists

To be honest braids & twists are extremely popular right now,but cannot be maintained the same way as traditional braids.Here are a few tips to maintain and retain the most growth in this protective style.

1.Keep Moist

Our hair is no different than any other living thing so It needs moisture to survive,Without proper nourishment and hydration,the roots of your hair can weaken,which will eventually lead to breakages,You can use coconut oil and almond oil,These oils are great for soothing the scalp and retaining moisture without building up and clogging your pores like generic braid sprays often will.

massage is increases blood flow to the scalp, encourages hair growth, and gives your hair the moisture it needs.

We also encourages people to clear away dirt and pollutants that may build up in their roots by washing their scalp at least once a week.I know this sounds trouble but buildup of sweat,dirt,and everything else that happens throughout your day can be damaging to your hair.But you shouldn't be lazy here.