Tip for preventing your hair extensions from tangling

People are paying more and more attention to their own image,some people maybe buy hair extension to dress up for themselves,So you need to take good care of it,Now I'll tell you how to preventing your hair extensions from tangling.

1.First of all,make sure you are brushing your hair at least three time especially before a shower and sleeping.quickly securing your hair into a loose braid or low bun before you go to sleep because it can keep your hair out of the way and preventing pesky tangles when you wake up with a subtle wave in your hair at the same time.

2.Nowadays,there are so many hair condition products to choose,you should avoid hair products with alcohol because it will make your hair more prone to tangling.

3.Finally,remember no to alwasy ues a heat protectant when styling whith heated styling tool.use some magical silicone serum on your hair extensions can make the silky tresses back into your life if you find your hair bundles are tangling,not soft and silky like before.