The characteristic of Malaysian hair

Malaysian hair are more and more popular in the market over the world.its highly sought after texture.but do you know why Malaysian hair more special than other type of hair?

Because the smooth and silk like the texture with a glamorously high shine,the Malaysian Straight hair became famous.its extremely luxurious and the luster is low to medium-similar to Brazilian hair.whats more its thicker than Indian and Brazilian hair.the Malaysian virgin hair from Ideal hair mall is a pure virgin quality product that can be permed and dyed any color you like.also,itsprovides quality and versatility to any hair style.soft,manageable gorgeous human hair made with an extra thin weft for smooth easy application and wear.

About Malaysian hair.

The color of malaysian hair is dark brown and near black and the hair style is light wavy.its heavier and thicker than Indian addtion,its softer and silkier than Indian hair.

The Malaysian Straight hair is naturally free from curls and kniks.if you like the curls waves,just run the curling iron or other tools to achive the curls so that make more volume.after that you can washing and drying and the hair is easy to back to being perfectly straight.