Do you have a love-hate relationship with brushing your hair?Like,you know it’s got to be done but sometimes it’s just, effort?But,it has to be done girls - it’s actually super important to brush your hair on the regular.So,we’re going to let you in on how to turn the chore of brushing your tresses into an enjoyable and beneficial part of your day…


First things first… The right brushes are essential.Like, you can’t just buy a random one and think it’s going to do the job for your tresses.You should at the very least own 2 brushes and a comb.Yup, you heard us!Here at M + B HQ we’re brush fiends.You need a brush for wet hair like this one,a round brush for at home salon worthy blowouts,a boar brush for smoothing out dry hair styles whilst de-frizzing it at the same time and finally,a paddle brush for every day kinda use.And if you’re brushing hair extensions?You definitely need to invest in a loop brush.This brush is the kindest brush to use on hair extensions thanks to the looped bristles which are super kind to you beloved hair extensions.


Next up,how to brush. You’re probably thinking,um I think I know how to brush my hair! But - do you?Brushing your hair from top to bottom is pretty much asking for trouble - you’re bound to run into some knots half way down your hair which will end in split tresses and a tangled mess.Ugh.Instead, brush from the ends of your hair upwards - working your way up a few inches at a time.Trust us, brushing your hair will be a smooth ride from now on.


If you have super thick hair (you’re blessed, btw!),you need to make sure you reap the benefits and make sure that your brush all of your hair.So,to do this you need to section your hair and brush each section from top to bottom.Don’t worry,this won’t take long.Simply section the top half of your hair and brush the section underneath first,then tackle the top section.It’s important to brush all of your hair as this ensures the all of the oils and styling products are distributed evenly throughout.


Now,before you wash your hair - you need to make sure that you are giving your tresses a good brush through first.This makes brushing your hair when wet easier and also helps the shampoo and conditioner distribute evenly throughout your locks.Not only that, brushing your hair before washing it can also help get rid of excess grime and dirt in your hair.Need we say more?


Last but not least, treat your hair to some goodness with some leave in conditioners or hair masks.Not only will these products work re-hydrate your hair and fill it with love,it’ll will also leave your hair super soft and silky which in turn will make brushing your hair much easier.Bliss!