Definition of wig

Wig:Ancient Chinese is called “Di”,of artificial hair that is not naturally grown,wear for different uses,used in various ceremonial and artistic forms of admiration with decoration.

The origins of wigs

Back in ancient Egypt,at the time of the ancient Egyptian men have their hair shaved after all shave and wear a wig.It was the first nation to use wigs in the world,and spread wigs to Europe.

Wigs spread from ancient Egypt to Europe.The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that the bald man was punished by heaven,the bald as a sinner.Hair thinning or bald, officers will be refused by some Greek territory chief to arrange work.Hair thinning or bald, officers will be refused by some Greek territory chief to arrange work.Wigs are gaining popularity,market transactions gradually expanded.

France Louis XIII,although he is expensive, he is the king of a country,he is bald,to cover up the flaw,he began wearing a long, shawl - like wig,what is right is good, and what is bad is what comes down.Later, France became popular with the new decorations,since France was a European fashion trend, this wig quickly became popular throughout Europe.

In the spring and Autumn period, wigs began to be popular in China.

Nowadays, the fashion of wigs is fashionable all over the world, but everyone needs different wigs.

The wearing meaning of black people

Unlike other races, the native hair is curled and attached to the scalp, not long and naturally difficult to manage.Plus the female beauty of nature, with a full head of hair is the dream of many black women, at the same time, because the human hair wig making products vivid, beautiful and durable characteristics, has become the first choice of black women.

So black women are likely to wear wigs from their childhood as long as they have economic conditions.

Of course, as society continues to develop, the beauty of women’s beauty increases as the economy improves. Even women with their own hair will consider buying wigs as tools to change their image at any time.

Use of wig

Cosplay、 Alopecia、 Fashion、Film and television performance、 Model show and so on