Some tips for dry scalp

If you wonder how to get rid of dry scalp,these are suggestions below keep your scalp from dry.The reason why you scalp become dry.You should have deep understanding of the reason that cause the dry scalp problem before we treats our dry scalp.Basically,dry scalp is the result of dormant under-active oil glands,which are not capable of producing the required oils for your skin naturally.Some of the common causes behind it are:
1.Prolonged use of harsh shampoos that have a lot of chemical content in them.
2.Over exposure to hard water.
3.Lack of nutrients in the body due to improper diet.
4.Exposure to extreme weather conditions.
5.Over use of styling products
6.Lack of adequate hair care,which might include unhealthy beauty habits,lack of oil treatments,and lack of conditioning treatments.

treat your dry scalp

1.Using a moisturizing shampoo can prevent your hair and scalp from drying out even more.
2.Use A Hydrating Conditioner.
3.Avoid hair styling gels, mousses and hair sprays because they tend to dry out your hair in the long run.
4.Lemon grass essential oil works wonders for dry scalp, especially if you have dry scalp,yet oily hair.
5.Drinking plenty of water would help to hydrate your skin and your hair from within
6.Have proper diet such as nuts,eggs,seafood,chicken,tofu,dairy products, soybeans,canola oil,papaya,oranges and green and leafy vegetables.