Care for wigs, details are the key.

1.Never wash a wig with a washing machine 

The strong rotation of the washing machine may cause a large number of wigs to fall off .

2.Wash your wig with warm water 

When the wig is washed, place the wig in warm water (15~30 Centigrade ), soak for about 5 minutes, and the water temperature is too hot to reduce the life of the wig. 

3.Natural drying 

After cleaning, you can not use the washing machine to dry, it can not be dried or put under the sun. It is the best way to dry with dry towel.

4.Shampoo should be soft 

With a small amount of soft shampoo with hand scrub, avoid excessive force, do not soak for a long time 

5.Keep the wig ventilated 

Although not real hair wigs, but also consider the permeability when stored or residual moisture shampoo and easy corrosion wig.