How Should I Wash hair?

You want to keep your hair strong, but clean. Generally speaking, the thicker your hair, the less frequently you need to wash it.
Most women will be good with washing their hair 2-3 times per week. If it’s summer, or you’re spending time in humidity, feel free to wash your hair a bit more frequently.Keeping your hair up in protective hairstyles like french braids will help you go longer without washing. It can be good to take advantage of protective hairstyles a couple times per month as a way to offset the stress your hair goes through when straightening it, or pulling it into a tight ponytail.However long you go without washing, remember not to go more than 14 days without a shampoo. At that point, it can feel uncomfortable and even start to smell. Not something you want to experience!
So, will your hair fall out if you wash it everyday? Not directly, but be careful. All of the additional maintenance that goes along with washing your hair can weaken it and cause it to fall out. Your best bet is to monitor your hair and wash only when needed.Make sure your diet and lifestyle are supporting your journey to healthy hair through the summer. Consider a hair growth vitamin to keep your nutrition levels right where they need to be.