Hair Elastin is a kind of hair care product that mainly used to shape the hair,increase the elasticity of hair and keep the curl hair look better.Here is the usage of it.


After cleaning your hair, dry your hair to seventy percent of dry,
take appropriate of your elastin into your palms.
smear them onto the hair.
grab to make the wave by hands instead of using comb.Needn’t to clean,just make the hair styling that you want.Let the hair absorb the nutrient sufficient.If you insist on using it for a long time,the effect will be better.

Related problems

1.Straight hair can use elastic elements?Will there be any harm?

Answer: hair with elastin has little effect, but will not bring harm to the hair.Elastic is to give the hair styling, increase the elasticity of the hair, more suitable for hot curls.

2.What hairstyle is suitable for use?

Answer:Hair Elastin suits most hair types and works magic on curls, waves or coarser hair, softening it up and adding a suggestion of shine, whilst still looking natural.