The hair is the image of a person, a lot of people to change their image by perm,next, teach you how to care for hair after ironing.

1. After perm hair care to see, should often do the treatment from the perspective of hair care,but don't do it right now because it has destroyed part of the hair structure,direct oil treatment effect is not good, the best is two times a month, so your hair will stay healthy.In addition, it is worth noting that the day of the perm do not force hair,comb hair comb should use horn or wooden comb, in order to avoid the static electricity of plastic comb hair injury;in three days, it is best not to shampoo or use a hair curler, otherwise it will not only affect the effect of perm, but also great damage to the hair,hot hair, try not to wash every day.

2.Because the process of dyeing hair is bound to be seriously damaged their hair,so to do regular daily treatment and apply some prevent bifurcation or is able to replenish water、an oil conditioner,used to strengthen the health of hair.
way:Correct Shampoo and hair care, you must choose your own shampoo products,pay attention when you wash your hair,it's better to wash with your hair,must take care of the scalp and roots,press your scalp through your fingers,to promote the blood circulation of the head, improve sebum secretion,then, the tail must be carefully cleaned, so that the hair end of the absorption of nutrients,at the same time let the hair from inside to outside to restore luster health.There is also oily or neutral hair that should be washed at least once a week,wash your hair and rinse off the soap with clean water.

The correct way to blow hair

After shampooing, it is best to use a dry towel to gently squeeze hair,or pat to squeeze the water out,remember do not rub the hair, make hair friction each other, hurt the hair,and then dry naturally or blow dry,when you blow your hair,try not to use hot air blowing,and the way to use the blower is,hold the blower aloft,along the hair, hair scales in the direction of blowing from top to bottom,so hair does not look dry,when you blow your hair, gently scratch your hair with your fingers,do not use a comb, after the hair dry, and then comb the hair combed neatly.

Hair needs nutrition,after a perm, the nutrition of the hair is also sucked,after the above understanding, you can learn how to care after perming,complement hair nutrition.