A wig can be a really fun way to spice up your hairstyle and change your look. Perhaps you just want to make a glamorous pony tail look longer with a few extensions, or you want to completely transform your image for a special occasion or a fancy dress party. No matter how you like to wear them, wigs are a fantastic fashion accessory. However, if you want your wigs to last long and look their best, it is important to give them proper care.   You should know about taking care of your wig. 


Do use styrofoam head or wig block wash/condition or
treat your wig. If your wig block cannot sustain water,use a protective plastic covering.

Do use a specialist wig brush to help significantly reduce shedding.

Do deep condition you lace wig, using specialist wigconditioners. Keep products away from the base cap and rinse thoroughly.

Do Wash and rinse hair using cool water – never hotwater.

Do minimize your use of heat styling – and use low heatsettings.

Do Handle your lace wig delicately.

Don’t blow dry your wig – allow to air dry.

Don’t use heavy grease products. Lace wigs do not requireadditional sprays/gloss products as this may loosen the knots and cause shedding. If you must use dressing products, use small amounts and away from the cap base.

Don’t attempt to dye your wig or change its fundamental structure (i.e try to make a straight wig curly).

Don’t comb the hair too vigorously.

Don’t use shampoos and conditioners containing salt (sulphate), parabens or alcohol, as this causes dryness.

Storage: Do not fold your wig. - When not in use, place your wig on a correctly size head stand to maintain shape. Using dressmakers or ‘T’-pins carefully pin your wig onto the head to keep in place being careful not to damage the lace. For long term storage, keep in a covered box.