Essentially,regular shampooing and conditioning is crucial for the basic maintenance of this hair.You should aim to shampoo at least once a week to avoid any bad smells.When washing,use only lukewarm water as water that is too hot may damage the weave.On the other hand,water that is too cold may not efficiently remove dirt and grease from the hair.Invest in a good conditioner to ensure that your hair remains soft and shiny.Be sure to use lots of water to rinse the hair as debris could be trapped in the cornrows and cause itching.It is very important to ensure that when the hair comes into contact with water,it is dried as soon as possible.This will ensure that the hair does not smell.If and when you go out swimming,please consider wearing your hair underneath a latex swim cap. This will protect your hair from tangles as well as from the harsh chemicals in the pool.Always wash the hair after swimming to rule out any chance of damage from water that could have seeped in.
Brazilian weaves have made life easy for those people who prefer a longer lasting solution to hair styling.For those with kinky hair and desire hair with a soft texture,this is the way to go. Stay in close contact with your hair stylist for optimum support and good results.Whatever you do, maintain a good regimen to care for your scalp and hair.