If you feel as though you have giant knots that never seem to come undone but you're terrified at the thought of the pain involved to detangle them, you're not alone. Many a person has dreaded the experience of removing tangles because it hurts. Fortunately, there are some neat tricks around this, to minimize or even do away with the pain that detangling can cause.

1.Adding conditioner to the hair

Check for dryness. Before you attempt to take out any tangles, make sure your hair is not severely dry. This will make it less painful when you are actually taking the knots out.

Separate the hair completely if you have it tied up and leave it free. Attempt to free any loose hairs from a tangled clump. Only do what you can without inflicting pain.

Select your favorite conditioner. Using a few squirts at a time, lather it into your hair. Repeat until your entire head is covered. Cover the conditioner-saturated hair with a shower cap, then wait 30 minutes.

2.Detangling the hair

Step into the shower and take the shower cap off. Rinse your hair with lukewarm water for five minutes. At this point, your hair should be easy to work with and it will feel a lot softer.

Begin to detangle hair by starting with one bit at a time.Separate your hair into four sections.Beginning with the first section, pry apart any large tangles with your fingers, and use the running water towards your benefit. The hair should come apart easily. If not, use more conditioner.Use a brush and carefully brush through tangled hair. The tangled part should come apart easily.

Once all of your hair has been detangled, run a comb through it. This will help to ensure that it is tangle free.

Shampoo your hair. Using your favorite shampoo, lather your hair and rinse. Your hair should feel soft. If desired, apply conditioner to the ends and rinse with cold water. Step out of the shower and wrap your hair in a towel.

3.Finishing up

Style as usual. You can simply let your hair air dry, or blow dry it. Once blow dried/dry, spray with an anti-frizz spray and comb through hair. If any tangles remain, use a brush or wide toothed comb and carefully detangle.

Enjoy your tangle free hair.