If you just want to learn how to cut your hair in layers, just follow our tips and you'll get a great and complimented haircut.

How to Cut Your Own Hair in Layers: Buying Professional Tools

The very first thing in the whole cutting-your-own-hair-in-layers process is investing in some professional scissors and combs. This way, you'll not only be able to do an amazing job, but you'll also prevent hair breakage. For example, those professional scissors will help you do a clean cut and will protect your hair from splitting.

Cut Your Own Hair Layer by Layer

If you don't want to opt for an asymmetrical haircut, make sure that the layers on both sides have the same length. In order to do this, use a comb and divide your hair in two parts, left and right. This way, you'll create the so-called top box section where the top section is the one delimited by the two layers.

Then, divide it into two parts (part A starts with the crown of your head and ends with your forehead while part B begins from the crown of the head and ends at the nape of the neck). Use some hair clips to keep these parts well separated. Moreover, we also recommend making right and left front sections and also use some hair clips to hold them.

Cutting Your Own Hair: Trim the Layers

Firstly, you should unclip the front top box hair section. Then, lift the hair at a 90 degree angle from the head and hold it as straight as you can. Then bring the hair in front of the face and choose the length of your layers and start trimming. You can cut the shortest hair layer at your jawline. Plus, we also recommend cutting your layers longer because, after taking a bath, when your hair dries, your tresses will somehow shrink. Plus, if you're not satisfied with their length, you can always decide to cut more.

Then, you should focus on trimming also the lateral sections, following the same 90 degree angle principle. Once you finish cutting your hair, take a mirror, comb it and check if the layers have the same length and, if they're uneven, carefully bring them to the same length by trimming just a little more.