Classic Curls
Classic tight curls are easy to style and care for and can be worn on any type of hair. This perm will last longer and look better on hair that is no longer than down to the shoulder blades with some layers. This is an ideal look for someone who wants to streamline her hair styling routine.

A classic perm works well with most face shapes; just be sure to choose a length that will help balance your face shape. Chin length curls look good on heart-shaped faces while round faces may want a slightly longer length to help elongate the face. Ladies with rectangle faces should consider a short to medium cut with classic curls to create a balanced look.

Spiral Perms
Long hair spiral perms are done with uniform ringlets around the entire head. Spiral perms on long hair do have a tendency to fall out quickly on thick hair that is all one length. If you are considering a spiral perm on all your hair, it should have a few layers cut before perming to decrease the pull on the curls. Layers will also help the perm solution soak the hair evenly which will help the perm last longer. While many face shapes can pull off this perm type, it is especially flattering for square and diamond faces because of the overall volume and softness it creates.

Gentle waves give hair form and body but without creating actual curls. This perm is done on a large rod so it does not create a strong curl pattern. Body waves are best worn on medium length hair that is naturally straight and fine. This perm type adds fullness and volume to fine or thin hair. Body waves are excellent for those with square or rectangle face shapes. The soft look of the waves help balance the angular lines of a square or rectangle face for a flattering look.
Casual kinks that are crafted throughout the hair without actually forming circular curls. This is a perm that works best with medium to long hair. This is a great look for women who want beachy-type waves without the hassle of using curling or flat irons every day to achieve it. This style really allows oval faces to shine and also provides the softness and fullness diamond and square faces need for balance.

Partial spiral perms that leave the scalp straight but add curl and flair to the ends of long or medium length hair. These are done on larger perm rods to give a soft curl pattern similar to what is achieved with a curling iron. Since these perms are not rolled to the scalp, it can be done on any hair. Be careful with thin or fine hair and this perm style because it can make the hair look flat at the roots if the rods used are smaller than purple perm rods. A partial perm look is great for those with heart-shaped or diamond faces. Since the ends of the hair are fuller, it helps balance a heart-shaped or diamond face.

Root Perms
Root perms are styles that add long-lasting body and lift near the scalp without curling the rest of the hair. Root perms are best done on short hair or hair that has short layers and is thinning or fine. It is best to have a hairstyle that needs to be styled using rollers or a curling iron as this perm gives the appearance of a full head of hair. A root perm is a great choice for ladies with round and triangular faces, since this perm style adds height to the crown and will help balance these face types.

Spot Perms
Spot perms that focus on specific areas of hair such as adding a flip curl to the ends or curling tendrils around the face. Spot perms can also be done on hair that has a flat area due to a troublesome crown. They work on short and medium length hair in a similar manner as a partial spiral but only perming one area such as an asymmetrical hairstyle. Hair thickness or length has no effect for this perm other than what size of perm rod is used. This perm choice is versatile and works well with a variety of face shapes.

Inverse or straightening perms are those that diffuse natural curls. These perms are done by constantly combing perm solution through the hair and, in some cases, high heat flat irons are also used. This can be done on any type of natural curl regardless of it being thick, thin, coarse, fine, long, or short. While an inverse style works well with most face shapes, women with rectangle and square face shapes may want to avoid it, since the straight lines of the look only emphasize the sharp angles of the face.