The purpose of a hair conditioner is, as the name implies, to condition the hair. If properly used, it leaves a gaunt coating on the hair, which provides a lasting, desirable effect. Hair conditioners are used to supply the hair extra nourishment, especially after a thorough shampooing. The primary work of a conditioner is to replace the sebum, which is lost from the hair by shampooing.

Points to consider while applying conditioner

A conditioner should be chosen based on hair type. If you have thin
hair, pick a volumizing conditioner. If you have greasy or thick hair,
go for the conditioner with less oil.

The conditioner is like the moisturizer for your hair and it needs a
little bit of time to work. It is necessary to leave the conditioner
for a minute or two before rinsing.

♦A conditioner should not be massaged on the scalp but rather apply
it to the tips of your hair and comb the conditioner to the mid-lengths
of your hair.

♦It is vital to rinse the conditioner thoroughly. If you don’t rinse properly, you run the risk of clogging hair follicles.