How do I make my hair white

I once went platinum blonde from black. It may be more difficult to achieve a completely white colour if the base is really dark, but it can be done, especially on your natural colour.

Step 1. Bleach your hair.

Some people say that you should bleach it more than once if your hair is dark, but unless you want to damage your hair, never bleach it more than once. I used a strong bleaching powder with 9% hydrogen peroxide developer and kept it on my hair for about an hour. If your hair is light, 10–15 minutes may be enough.

Step 2. Dye your hair.

After bleaching, your hair may be yellow, especially if it was previously dark. Mine was intense yellow. So, when I washed and dried my hair after bleaching, I dyed it immediately. I used the lightest hair colour I could find (it was Wella’s Koleston 12/81, but that was 15 years ago, so I don’t know if anything has changed). You should choose the lightest blonde colour with a silver, ash or grey tone. That’s very important to get rid of yellow. I used 12% developer, because I wanted it as light as possible.

Step 3. Wash and dry.

Make sure to use a good conditioner or other products which prevent hair damage. As your hair grows, you will have to bleach the roots every time, but never bleach the part that is already bleached. You can buy a special shampoo for blonde/white hair, which contains silver pygments and refreshes your colour.

Good luck!