How To Keep Hair From Getting Tangled

As everyone knows maintaining long and beautiful hair requires good care.However it is very annoying,However it is very tedious and complicated,So I'll give you some advices That how to keep hair from getting tangled.

1.Use the conditioner,Hair conditioner contains redundant nutrient substance and microelement,It is excellent for revitalizing dry, lifeless hair.Apply a deep conditioner and protein treatment regularly to help keep hair conditioned and strong.This helps you prevent your hair from tangling & knotting.

2.As far as possible avoid hair coloring and perming,Heat and chemicals will cause damage to hair,The more dye you use, the drier your hair becomes,and tangles become more frequent after dying your locks.

3.Brush or comb your hair before's not necessary to do quite that many,but ensure that hair is tangle-free,For straight or wavy hair,a brush will work best but with curly hair,I suggest you use a wide tooth comb,Not only will it remove the tangles more efficiently,but you will also protect your hair from being torn and damaged.