Many women are aware of the importance of hair care, but also want to take care of their hair, then how to maintain the hair is the best? Let me tell you!

1 Comb your hair from the hair

A lot of long hair MM on the hair of the daily homework is not very patient, hair knot when the comb from the top down hard to pull, the results ripped off a lot of hair is not agree. Comb hair must be combed from the hair, a little from the top to the bottom of the carding.

2 To avoid excessive weight loss

Hair is the main component of protein, if too much to rely on diet to lose weight, then the hair is bound to not absorb enough nutrition, over time will be yellow bifurcation.

 3 Stick every day for 5 minutes of scalp massage

There is a healthy soil to grow the quality of food, scalp is the hair of the "soil". Often hand massage the head can promote blood circulation, to ensure that the hair follicles better access to nutrients, and extend the life of the hair.

4 After shampooing to dry hair before going to sleep

Stay in the wet hair sleep feeling must not be very good. In fact, the damp hair is easy to breed bacteria, and then damage the hair.

5 Do not go to the computer for a long time

If you work 8 hours a day are facing the computer you can not escape the "fate", then in order to make the body less radiation damage, after going home to minimize the time to contact the computer. Because the use of computer time lead to the excitement of the brain continued to improve, making endocrine disorders, so that hair nutrition supply obstacles, eventually leading to hair loss.

6 To relax the mood to cure hair loss

Have you ever been dressed up recently? I believe get up every morning and see the sparse hair on the pillow must be very bad. However, the pressure is too large or depressed on the treatment of hair loss without any benefit. Keep the mood cheerful optimism, the hair is very important.