Growing longer black hair can be a reality. Black, kinky, or curly hair can grow just like naturally straight hair.

Keep Hair Conditioned for Longer Black Hair

Keep hair conditioned and use deep conditioners that penetrate the hair. At least once a month, use a conditioner that is left on the hair for several minutes before it is rinsed out. Leave-in conditioners can help tame the hair during styling. Reconstructers that can help repair damaged hair may also help. Make sure that the hair is conditioned after using a reconstructer. Styling and coloring products made only with natural ingredients like shea butter, olive oil, and coconut oil are recommended. There are some great natural hair products for blacks available in health food stores. Avoid products containing petrolatum, alcohol, and mineral oil, all of which may either dry hair out or clog pores and inhibit growth.

Go Natural

Some women do what has been called the big chop - cutting the damaged hair down to the new growth and starting over. Although it is tempting to let relaxers grow out and then go natural, the area where the relaxer and the natural hair meet is doomed to break anyway. Therefore, going cold turkey, cutting the hair, and going natural may be the secret to growing longer black hair. Hair that is chemical-free can grow unencumbered with little to no breakage as long as styling is done with a gentle hand.

People who have never styled natural hair will find that it takes time and patience to learn how to style black hair due to its excessive curliness. The important thing to remember is to work combs through the hair slowly, never pulling a comb harshly through tangles. Wear hair in styles that do not require a lot of tension. Twists or curly afros are best to get started. Although braids and cornrows look great, they can cause temporary or permanent hair loss if they are too tight. Speak up, and tell your hair stylist immediately if the braids are pulling at the edges or if they hurt.

Eat a Healthy Diet for Growing Longer Black Hair

Eat a natural, healthy diet for longer, stronger hair. The outside of the body reflects what is put into the inside of it. Avoiding processed foods and fast foods, because eating a vitamin-rich diet will go a long way toward growing long black hair. Natural, kinky hair may seem to grow at a snail's pace, but that is only because of the curls in the hair. Don't obsessively check the length. Be patient. Be as natural as possible, and let the hair grow.

More Tips for Longer Black Hair

1.Avoid harsh chemicals and overprocessing

2.Use natural products

3.Go natural

4.Eat a healthy diet

If you are patient and gentle with your hair, you will find that growing longer black hair is not as difficult as you may think.