Does Conditioner Make Hair Grow Faster

We’re always looking for new ways to make our hair grow faster, especially as summer quickly approaches. Now’s the time when many of us are turning up our diets, and maybe even adding a hair growth vitamin to our routine.All these different ways that help your hair grow faster…but what about your conditioner?We know how important conditioner is to the health of your hair, but is there any truth to the idea that it can actually make your hair grow faster?
Yes or no. Let us discuss.

How Conditioner Helps Your Hair Grow Faster

Hair grows at its full potential when everything is working together.That means that your body is getting all the important vitamins and nutrients that hair uses to grow, you’re staying hydrated, and your scalp and hair is in a good growth environment. In other words, a clean scalp and moisturized hair.Your shampoo and essential oils can keep your scalp clean, and your conditioner moisturizes your hair follicles which does in fact help hair grow faster.Here’s why: dry, brittle hair cannot grow very well at all.Conditioner helps replace the all important growth proteins in your hair shafts. It also helps seal the cuticle to prevent damage and give it free reign to grow as much as it possibly can without breakage, helping you reach your hair growth goals.So does conditioner help your hair grow faster? Yep. It sure does.