curly hair

Types of Curly Hair Extensions
There are only two types of hair extensions: natural and synthetic.

Natural hair extensions are comprised of human hair. The highest quality human hair is considered Indian Remy, this is because the cuticle in Indian Remy hair is straight and flat and flowing in the same direction. What does this mean for you?

Well, in one word, shine. Indian Remy hair is the shiniest and the most lustrous human hair available. Second in line is European human hair, which is a blend of Indian, Latin American and European hair. You get what you pay for when purchasing human hair and the better the quality, the more you will spend. Human hair extensions are the best option if you want the most natural appearance that can be styled and cleansed as usual.

Pros and Cons of Natural Hair
Believable,style as usual,softer feel and touch,hair can be colored, highlighted or permed.

Expensive,maintenance is top priority,hard to find, must seek professional help,can be heavy and bothersome.

Synthetic hair is made up of various synthetic fibers. Synthetic hair can be believable, but expect to spend much more money on a high quality synthetic. Synthetic hair is a great option if you'd like to play with high fashion hair colors, such as pink, red or blue hair. Synthetic hair tangles easily, and should not be styled with heat appliances. Synthetic hair may be a good option if you'd like to try out extensions before spending the full investment on human hair.

Pros and Cons of Synthetic Hair
Affordable,Great for fashion colors: red, pink, purple hair,Easily found on the market,Scratchy and itchy, some find them hard to wear

Less believable,cannot be styled with heated appliances or washed as normal,a stylist cannot color, perm, highlight or heat style,Good option for short-term trial.