Brazilian hair extensions myths that need to konw

Brazilian hair rxtensions is a grateful ornaments,you must want to have a nice hair extension,but before you buy a new hair extension,I think you should know that a few myths about hair extension.

1.Hair extensions damage your hair
That was wrong.if you properly installed the hair extension,they will fixed on your head,will not damage your hair.

2.Hair extensions will keep my hair from growing
That was wrong too,Hair extensions will not keep your hair from growing,To keep your extensions looking their most perfect, you'll want to get them refreshed every few months as your hair grows.

3.Hair extension come from dead person
This is extremely absurd.first of all,people all over the world always hold dead personin awe.secondly,costs more.

4.Expensive expense
It might be true!Ideal 100% human hair extension is made from human hair,therefore human hair extension are much dearer than synthetic hair.but Ideal provide an affordable price for customer.