Hair extensions have been in vogue for ages,and many women appreciate how easy it is to change their look using them. You can either purchase synthetic hair extensions or human hair.Synthetic extensions are either made of nylon or polyester fibers,while human hair extensions are made of pure human hair and are usually free from any artificial coloring and styling when purchased. Synthetic hair extensions may cost less,but they are not as versatile as human hair.

As mentioned above,versatility is the biggest benefit that Brazilian hair extensions offers over the synthetic ones.For example,did you know that you cannot color or dye synthetic hair extensions?Brazilian hair extensions,on the other hand can be styled and dyed the same way you would your own natural hair.You also have the freedom to use a variety of styling tools and techniques such as curling irons and flat irons.This added versatility to style Brazilian hair extensions and add virtually any color more than makes up for the higher price and makes it a worthwhile investment!

Hair Color Necessities

Have you recently invested in Brazilian hair extensions and wish to add a little color?Here are the tools you need to have before starting the process:

Brazilian Hair Extensions
Hair developer and hair color
A brush
A color bowl
Plastic wrap
A towel
Aluminium foil
A wide tooth comb.

You will also need to carry out the hair coloring space in a well ventilated room with ample counter space or a large table. You will also have to spread sheets of tin foil over your counter-top or table top to keep it from getting stained. Once you’ve purchased the hair dye,developer, applicator bottle,and gloves online or from a local beauty store,you can now start the hair coloring process.

Steps to Color the Hair Extensions

To color your extensions safely and efficiently,simply follow the step-by-step guide outlined below:

1.Your first priority is to disentangle the extensions by combing through them with your wide tooth comb.You have to ensure that any stylish products used in the human hair extensions are completely washed out ahead of time before applying the color.You can dry the extensions after disentangling and washing them by placing them on a towel.

2.The next step in to prepare the hair color mixture.Before proceeding with this step,ensure that your hands are well protected by wearing the rubber gloves.Follow the usage instructions that came with the hair color and developer before pouring them into the applicator bottle.Close the applicator bottle and shake it well until you are sure that everything is thoroughly mixed.

3.Once the hair color mixture is ready,you can now use the dye to coat your Brazilian hair extensions.Comb through the extensions to ensure that the hair color is evenly distributed and coats all the areas you want dyed.Cover the hair extensions with aluminum foil once you finish applying the dye.Let the color set into the hair for the some time as specified on the color box.

4.This step involves rinsing excess hair color from the extensions.To ensure faster and more thorough removal of color,use warm water when rinsing the extensions.After all the dye is gone, shampoo the extensions and apply a conditioner.You can comb through the extension gently after applying the conditioner to straighten the hair.

5.You now have to rinse your colored Brazilian extensions using cold water to get rid of the conditioner.This is not only leave the hair looking shiny,but will also seal the hair coloring.

6.Finally, you should air dry the extension.Air drying preserves moisture and leaves hair looking shinier.If you are in a hurry you can speed up the process by using a diffuser or a blow drier to dry the Brazilian hair extensions.

The hair should be completely dry and dyed out when you complete the process and can be applied to you hair to give you your desired make over. Your hair now has a whole new color that will turn heads and make you look and feel fabulous!