A new beginning from a new hair style

  You know how to choose the hair but you won’t know how to choose the suitable one,“fitness”will be most important than “understanding”,especially if you are a newbie.There are a variety of hair extension brands available in the market,each offer their own set of features,advantages and disadvantages.With so many choices,picking the right hair extensions can be a difficult task,here’s how you can get started and know which hair extensions will work best for you.

Step 1: Consider the texture of your own

  Needless to say,you will have to buy hair extensions according to the texture of your hair.Consider the texture of your hair,is your hair straight,wavy or curly?Choose your hair extensions according to the texture of your hair,avoid wearing curly extensions if you have straight or wavy hair as it will not look attractive and may even be difficult for you to manage.

Step 2: Consider the color

  Choosing the correct color for your hair is an vital process to achieve a naturally fabulous look.You can find hair extensions in a variety of colors and shades.For example,you can find numerous shades of black,some that even have a faded appearance.Unless you are going for an Ombre or dramatic look,it is best that you stick to hair extensions that match your hair color as closely as possible.  

Step 3: Decide on the ideal length

  Here’s where you can choose whatever look you are comfortable with,if you have always wanted to try short hair and are comfortable with a short hair length then this is your time to shine.However,if you are like sticking to longer locks then you go ahead and be adventurous with your longer hair extensions.However,while it is perfectly alright to try new hairstyles,remember that you need to take your facial features into consideration,thus make sure that you get a hairstyle that will fit you and look good on you instead of somebody else.