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Silk base closure is the most sought after in the market for those seeking a new and natural look in no time. Among all closures silk base closure has captured the internet of fashion willing women across the world because of its durability, softness versatility and density.Read More
Thursday, February 1, 2018 7:59:34 PM America/Los_Angeles By ossione idealhair, Hair Care,

Hair wrapping is a popular styling technique for black women that can be done to any type or length of hair. Wraps are typically done either to protect hair while sleeping or as an alternative to blow drying. Wrapping is done by smoothing hair against the scalp and wrapping it in a circular motion around the head to create a beehive style. The wrap is secured into place and covered with a scarf. Hair wrapping is designed to protect African American hair from damage and is most effective when applied to straight black, relaxed hair.

Basic Steps for Wrapping Black Hair
Although there are various renditions of the hair wrap, there are two main types of hair wrapping: dry hair wraps and wet hair wraps.

Dry Hair Wraps
Dry hair wraps are the most common types of wraps and are done to dry, styled hair at night to protect hair while sleeping. This wrapping method prevents naturally coarse, dry and brittle African American hair from pulling, snagging or falling out while sleeping. Hair wraps allow hair to stay fresh for the next day so you can comb your hair and go, without having to use harsh heat styling to fix messy morning hair. The basic technique for dry wrapping hair is simple:

Divide straight, dry hair down the middle of the scalp, into two sections and comb completely to remove any knots.
Take one section of hair, beginning in the back, and comb it around the front of your forehead. Pull hair in a circular motion so it wraps around the head and secure down with a hair clip.
Repeat the process on the remaining section of hair, combing this section of hair in the opposite direction.

Tie a silk scarf, or a silk wrap cap, around the head so it stays in place. It's important to use silk scarves for dry wraps as this will prevent hair from pulling and snagging during sleep. An easy way to tie a scarf is to lay a square, silk scarf directly on top of the head and gently pull the corners of the scarf towards the forehead. Take all of the ends of the scarf and tie a knot in the front, and tuck under any loose ends of the scarf so they are hidden and secure.

Sunday, January 14, 2018 11:05:21 PM America/Los_Angeles By yuan yuan Virgin Hair Style,

Especially for women who have spent a lifetime in the salon chair enduring lengthy hair treatments, learning how to manage natural hair will involve a lot of study. Even the New York Times recently reported on the difficulties experienced by African Americans when it comes to reestablishing their natural hair.

The Big Chop or Transitioning
Some women who decide to go natural choose to cut off all the hair that is relaxed, straightened, or chemically altered. This can result in a very short haircut and is often called 'The Big Chop.' Others, however, take it slower and trim off previously relaxed hair in stages. This is referred to as transitioning. There is no right or wrong way - but there are things to keep in mind with both methods. The Big Chop is a drastic change and not all women are comfortable with it. Those who transition, however, should keep in mind that it can be hard to find styles to support two different hair textures. The area where the relaxed hair ends and the natural hair begins may also be weak so extra care is needed when washing, styling and detangling.

There is no one-size-fits all method to taking care of natural hair. However, there are some ways to make basic care easier.

Cleansing: Apply a pre-shampoo oil to keep hair from drying out. Use gentle sulfate-free shampoos or those designed specifically for curly hair. Many women alternate shampooing with water washing or conditioner-washing (also called co-washing). Some women also conditioner wash exclusively. When washing hair, divide the hair into sections and gently wash one section at a time, starting at the scalp.

Moisturizing: Conditioning is essential to natural hair because the oils from the scalp are not administered evenly down the hair because of the twists and curls. In-shower conditioning with a moisturizing formula or a conditioner designed for curly hair should be used after shampooing. Daily leave-in conditioners or hair oils also help maintain moisture. Use a deep conditioner as needed, for most women at least once a month. Be sure to use products that specify they are made for deep conditioning.
Protein Treatments: Protein formulas can add strength, but should not be overused. Women who are transitioning may need more protein, and at-home protein treatments can be used two to three times per month. For hair that does not have much damage, protein once per month can help fortify the hair. Deep protein treatments are usually reserved for very damaged hair that has substantial breakage and should be done at a salon, but not more often than once every six to eight weeks. Alternate protein treatements with deep conditioners to keep hair healthy and balanced.

Monday, January 8, 2018 6:30:44 PM America/Los_Angeles By yuan yuan hair_care, Hair Care,

Curly hair is something that any woman can sport, at least for a short period of time. Are you unsure if that’s true? Well, just think about it. Unlike wavy hair, naturally curly and curled hair looks exactly the same. And waved hair appears a bit messy or, so-to-say, clumsy, with locks lying in alternating directions or simply too polished. Of course, a professional hair stylist is capable of creating naturally-looking waves, but we don’t have one at our service every day. So, it’s a smart choice to curl your hair instead of waving it. And no one will ever guess you did that!

When it comes to curly hair, hair stylists differentiate short curly hair, medium curly hair, shoulder length curly hair (don’t confuse these two), and long curly hair. But besides the obvious difference in length, these types of curled hair have different styling tricks and involve different types of curls.

Short curly hair is the easiest to style. Depending on your hair texture, choose the curling method. When your hair is clean and wet, apply the curling product of your preference and curl your hair. Finish with hair spray.

Unlike short and revolting, shoulder length curly hair appears quite gorgeous, which makes it appropriate for multiple occasions. Plus, you won’t have any difficulty in styling it or make it long-lasting.

As for medium curly hair, it’s a bit tricky to style and maintain it. And to tell the truth, if your hair is thick, the curls will start falling apart soon, even if you apply a ton of hair spray. Besides, this length won’t allow for super-tight curls.

Long curly hair appears especially feminine and oozes romantic vibes. You will easily achieve tight and bounce curls if your hair is naturally wavy and fine. But unfortunately, owners of thick hair are unlikely to sport a long curled hairstyle for a long time. However, the right, generous amount of a holding product will help make it through a single event like a date or a birthday party.

Friday, January 5, 2018 6:38:37 PM America/Los_Angeles By yuan yuan Virgin Hair Style,

There are still many choices to be made. A wig maker can create a human hair wig using different types of hair that vary in processing or ethnicity.

Many wigs are made with hair that is derived from Eastern countries. Indian and Asian hair are commonly used for wig making. This hair can be cut, colored and styled into a variety of different wig types; however, the thicker feel of such hair types does not always appear natural on Caucasian ethnicities. European hair is often finer in texture, and, because it is more difficult to work with and obtain, it is the more expensive option.

Individuals who are seeking wigs that most closely mimic their own hair type will need to assess whether Eastern or European hair is the more appropriate option.

There also remains the choice between virgin hair and processed hair. The term "virgin hair" implies that the hair has never been colored or exposed to processing. Because its cuticle remains unmarred, virgin hair holds up against environmental damage better than its processed counterpart. A human hair wig made with virgin hair will last longer when colored or exposed to heat styling. It is by far the more luxurious option and also the most expensive.

Achieving a Natural Look
Human hair is the more natural option, but the type of wig cap you choose will also have a large influence over your wig's ability to deceive. Full or front lace wig caps that are hand sewn and custom fitted will eliminate bunches and heavy hair lines. These wigs are often very expensive, but they most closely parallel the hair's natural movement and placement. Many of these wigs are used on Hollywood sets and applied by professionals to achieve a look that is almost indistinguishable from natural hair.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018 1:00:49 AM America/Los_Angeles By yuan yuan human_hair_wigs, Virgin Hair Style,

Long hair often gets in your way, so find a solution by using hair clips. They are often less damaging than hair bands or ponytail holders, there are many fashionable styles available, and you can easily and quickly create a variety of looks ranging from casual to formal.

Read More
Wednesday, December 27, 2017 6:41:41 PM America/Los_Angeles By yuan yuan clips, hairstyles, , Hair Care,

If you're hard pressed to find the right hairstyle, rest assured there are many styles that flatter your attributes and offer balance to your features. Hairstyles for women with big noses can be equally as hip and stylish as the rest, and you can either choose to emphasize your nose's shape or select a cut that flatters it and helps to balance it with the other features on your face.

Flattering Styles
Once you've got the list of what to avoid, it's time to move into hair style ideas that will flatter your features. Hair style magazines are a great place to find inspiration. Keep in mind that the following tips will help balance a large nose.

Layered hair style will add softness to your features while creating visual interest that distracts the eye from focusing on a prominent nose. Jennifer Aniston's hairstyles are usually layered and soft, whether wavy or straight, and take the emphasis off of her nose.

Soft Waves and Curls
Waves and curls widen the face, which in turn shrinks the nose. Set hair in rollers or opt for a loose perm to create visual softness. Think of Giselle Bundchen's waves.

Unique and edgy hair color makes your style, rather than your nose, the focus. Find a colorist who has some great ideas to make your hairstyle edgy, without breaking up the soft cut.

Generally medium to long hair works best on women with large noses. A longer style also allows you the freedom to play with rollers and updo styles which will add volume elsewhere when you need it.

Side-swept bangs will take some of the attention off of the nose and soften the facial features overall. Blunt bangs, however, could draw more attention to the nose. Lea Michele is a good example of how side-swept bangs can flatter someone with a prominent nose.

Pixie Cut
If you love your nose and want to showcase your profile, you can always choose a pixie cut.

Side Parts
In order to take some of the emphasis off of a large nose, part your hair to one side. A center part draws the eye vertically, putting the nose front and center. This works regardless of the hair's length, and even a very slight shift in the positioning of the part can make a difference.

What to Avoid
If you're certain you'd like a style that minimizes the appearance of a large nose, the following tips are pertinent to keep in mind.

Avoid short hair styles. Although cute, many pixie style hair cuts will only emphasize the appearance of a large nose. Pixie cuts are best for petite frames and petite features.
Watch the bangs. Hair styles with bangs create breaks in the face, though placing a bang strategically can work wonders on the face. Not only can an artistically placed bang lengthen the face, it can also widen it, shorten it, slenderize it, and emphasize features. Be careful what features you highlight as you create a visual break.

Watch sharp edges. Your haircut should be soft and blended rather than edgy and straight.
Avoid flat hair. While straight, sleek hair styles are a popular of the moment hair style, flat and limp locks can emphasize a large nose.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017 1:27:54 AM America/Los_Angeles By yuan yuan hairstyles, Virgin Hair Style,

curly hair

Types of Curly Hair Extensions
There are only two types of hair extensions: natural and synthetic.

Natural hair extensions are comprised of human hair. The highest quality human hair is considered Indian Remy, this is because the cuticle in Indian Remy hair is straight and flat and flowing in the same direction. What does this mean for you?

Well, in one word, shine. Indian Remy hair is the shiniest and the most lustrous human hair available. Second in line is European human hair, which is a blend of Indian, Latin American and European hair. You get what you pay for when purchasing human hair and the better the quality, the more you will spend. Human hair extensions are the best option if you want the most natural appearance that can be styled and cleansed as usual.

Pros and Cons of Natural Hair
Believable,style as usual,softer feel and touch,hair can be colored, highlighted or permed.

Expensive,maintenance is top priority,hard to find, must seek professional help,can be heavy and bothersome.

Synthetic hair is made up of various synthetic fibers. Synthetic hair can be believable, but expect to spend much more money on a high quality synthetic. Synthetic hair is a great option if you'd like to play with high fashion hair colors, such as pink, red or blue hair. Synthetic hair tangles easily, and should not be styled with heat appliances. Synthetic hair may be a good option if you'd like to try out extensions before spending the full investment on human hair.

Pros and Cons of Synthetic Hair
Affordable,Great for fashion colors: red, pink, purple hair,Easily found on the market,Scratchy and itchy, some find them hard to wear

Less believable,cannot be styled with heated appliances or washed as normal,a stylist cannot color, perm, highlight or heat style,Good option for short-term trial.

Thursday, December 21, 2017 11:11:55 PM America/Los_Angeles By yuan yuan curly_hair, virgin_hair, hair_styles, Virgin Hair Style,

What styles of wigs are most popular?
Anywhere from long to short is popular, but right now long hair is just in so long wig styles are in.

What is the most important consideration a customer should make when purchasing a wig?
Long wigs are very trendy.

Go with what you know. You want to feel comfortable first, then you can go a little more daring. At least a familiar style looks a little bit like you. My biggest advice for anyone is to have fun with it.

What is the biggest fear new customers have about wigs, and how can they overcome that fear?
That it will look fake and that it will look embarrassing. If you still have hair, choose a color close to your hair to integrate the wig and blend away the line between hair and wig. Also, don't skimp. In wigs, to some degree, you get what you pay for. Staying familiar can also alleviate the shock factor.

What different factors should an individual consider when choosing a wig?
Choosing between synthetic or human hair, their face shape, the wig style and color. Human hair wigs have to be styled, but for some women that gives them that feeling of normalcy.

How long can it take to choose a wig?
If you know what you're looking for, the hardest part is getting the right color and picking the right piece for you from several choices. Ideally, we want to do it right the first time, and we have ways to help you make the right choice for you.

Sunday, December 17, 2017 10:59:25 PM America/Los_Angeles By yuan yuan virgin hair styles, Virgin Hair Style,

When most people think of a perm, they don't realize how many different perm looks there really are. Perms can be formal, fun, flirty, or functional - depending on the style. Get the right perm for your personal style and hair type for effortless beauty.

Read More
Saturday, December 16, 2017 1:02:11 AM America/Los_Angeles By yuan yuan hairstyles, Virgin Hair Style,
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